Having been confirmed through numerous experiments in physics, quantum physics, chemistry and more, theoretical physicist D. B. Kelley has made one the most interdisciplinary discoveries that the world has ever known. His theory of universal selection, or 'preservation of the stable,' holds that the powerful principle of survival of the fittest explains far more than is shown in Darwin's famous book The Origin of Species. Published in 1859, Darwin's all-important work revealed that, through "heritable variation," those lifeforms which are most fit are "naturally selected" to survive. Therein providing accurate scientific account of the means by which even humans have evolved, it was immediately regarded as "the book that shook the world." Allowing the world to finally understand every adaptation of every species, it gave rise to the Darwinian Revolution in biology, which continues to this day. Kelley, however, has now revealed that all stable phenomena are naturally selected at every level of their systematic being. This follows from the fact that, like living things, all such assemblages are often in direct competition and that "wherever there's competition, there's always survival of the fittest." Our universe is, therefore, utterly filled with innumerable stable productions. In other words, all phenomena have no other option than to be highly adapted to their own unique envirnomental conditions or, quite simply, they would not endure. Universal selection thereby explains the self-organization of every stable phenomenon in history.

In the last 150 years, it has been well noted that the most revolutionary attribute of Darwinian natural selection involves the enormous measure of order that it reveals in biology. Not only does it explain how life's many forms are self-adapted to their own surroundings, but it exposes a continuous yet branching evolution with humans at the very top of this scale. Survival of the fittest thus explaining the self-organization of the biological world at large, universal selection reveals the inescapable self-assembly of the entire cosmos. Consequently, we can now understand the powerful measure of self-order that is inherent of not only biology, but astronomy, physics, quantum physics, geology and even Natural Science as a whole. We can now observe, first-hand, the enormous measure of self-organization that selection brings to the heirachical foundation of knowledge in its entirety.

In addressing the experiments which together confirm selection's presence outside of biology, renowned physicist Wojciech Zurek of the Los Alamos National Laboratory has proven that survival of the fittest exists even among subatomic particles. Zurek has thus revealed its operation in quantum mechanics via his principle of 'einselection,' or what he also calls Quantum Darwinism. In short, Zurek has shown that, like species and their various adaptations, subatomic particles too are self-organized as a direct result of survival of the fittest behavioralisms and other characteristics. Subatomic particles providing the true building blocks behind all of Nature’s various materials, Zurek has proven that Quantum Darwinism plays a critical role in the self-organization of everything in classical physics.

Since the 1990’s, selection’s presence has also been confirmed among molecules through numerous experiments by Julius Rebek and his well-accepted process of "chemical selection." As the founder of the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, Rebek has thus shown survival of the fittest to be operative even in chemistry. As pointed out by the famous biologist Richard Dawkins, Rebek's work has even proven that the stable molecular arrangements leading to life on Earth would have been naturally selected as well. Moreover, this is in perfect accord with the findings of Alexander Oparin in the 1920's, the Miller-Urey experiment in the 50's and all that has followed since.

In addition to these and other experiments, universal selection is also in agreement with biology’s 3-part algorithm. This refers to the three fundamental mechanisms responsible for both stability and evolution, which are reiteration, variation and selection. In then applying these mechanisms outside of biology, all natural phenomena ultimately being systems at their true foundations in physics, each reiterates its own cyclical behavior one generation at a time, much like life itself. Second, like living things and their many genes, systems also they vary through what Kelley calls recombination. He has also defined a vital process which he calls "system drift," which is the predecessor to genetic drift. Thirdly, however, only the most favorable ensembles are naturally selected to endure.

To reveal the means by which information is preserved as it is in genetics, physicists now understand that, like DNA, all materials possess definitive properties, or distinctive capabilities, which are identical in every regard to data itself. Simply in looking to our night skies, for example, we see that they are absolutely teeming with detailed information about the entire universe, fully preserved even after many light years of unending travel.

Of course, while Darwin taught us that all species are relative, Einstein then showed us that everything is ultimately relative. So in applying selection to all of physics, these two very similar theories are further united, as is science itself and as never before. Universel selection is therefore a logical extension of not only Darwin's work but Einstein's. Like living things, nonbiological phenomena too are self-adapted to the universe through the simplest physics possible, and our knowledge of such together reveals the relative order behind everything known.

The book that shook the world has therefore been rewritten, and it is logically titled The Origin of Everything. In short, selection explains the evolution of the innumerable phenomena not only in biology, but in every science immaginable. Although the Second Darwinian Revolution is therefore upon us, The Origin of Everything reveals many of the means by which selection utterly transforms even our modern interpretation of life, Nature and, however incredibly, their outright self-organization. This work illuminates the powerful principle which led not only to the inevitable formation of our universe, our planet, and even life, but to their enormous measures of stability as well. Of course, it also gave rise to Earth's many stable lifeforms and eventually even to ourselves as the most adaptive and, arguably, the most stable phenomenon of all. With our own advent in particular, we are then able to see how blind selection, prevalent from the beginning of time, has now given rise to true and rational selection. In effect, an understanding in terms of survival of the fittest even reveals the continuous and ever-present means by which the cosmos itself has now evolved to the point that it has become, of all things, self-aware. Explaining the formation of lasting phenomena throughout our cosmos, Kelley therefore demonstrates that this ubiquitous principle is the missing piece throughout Natural Science in its entirety. He has thus revealed what appears in every regard as the most fundamental law of existence itself--i.e., maitain stability or altogether desist.

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The book that shook the world
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"Selection has given rise not
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Universal Selection
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