Born on February 15th, 1970 physicist D. B. Kelley attended the Ohio State University from 1989 to 1993 where he majored in architecture, but focused heavily upon science as a whole. He discovered his theory of 'universal selection' only months later at just 24 years of age. Pondering life's origins billions of years ago, Kelley realized that even the nonliving molecular arrangements which led to life's creation would have been naturally selected as well, as would those before them, those before them and so on. He saw immediately that this continuous principle thereby explains the formation of every stable system ever to have been. Kelley has thus spent the last 19 years applying selection to science in its entirety with his primary focus being in astronomy, physics and quantum physics. In doing so, he has revealed an enormous amount of new information about the self-organization and therefore the natural order behind our cosmos. He has therein revolutionized our human thinking by exposing the deterministic mechanism by which all such phenomena have emerged, including even life some 3.7 billion years ago. In an effort to further confirm these resounding implications, Kelley has now tailored a complete rewrite of the book that shook the world, logically titled The Origin of Everything. This vital contribution to science was released in September of 2012.

The 2nd Darwinian Revolution Is Upon Us
Universal Selection
& the Self-Organization of the Cosmos
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The Natural Order of the Universe
Has Been Revealed!