The 2nd Darwinian Revolution Is Upon Us
Universal Selection
& the Self-Organization of the Cosmos
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The Natural Order of the Universe
Has Been Revealed!
Entropy  Reduction

Entropy reduction is the process by which randomness, or disorder itself, is reduced, making systems more stable.​ Author D. B. Kelley has shown that entropy reduction, or ectropy, occurs throughout evolution. It is not confined to biological evolution, as it occurs when particles, atoms and more combine, giving rise to entirely new properties. These properties allow systems to withstand different conditions, just as new adaptations allow species to endure varying environmental conditions. Different molecules, for example, can endure hot, cold, aqueous environs, collisions and so on. Consequently, even molecules can evolve over time, giving rise to greater relative stability within their surrounding. Disorder is therefore reduced, and, correspondingly, fitness increases for the overall phenomena at hand.